KUALA LUMPUR: Bintai Kinden Corp Bhd is collaborating with PT Raintech Indo Energi to market and promote flanges, fittings, pipes and other oil and gas equipment in Indonesia.

In a statement, the mechanical and electrical engineering services specialist said Raintech has been appointed to market and promote the products on behalf of Bintai Energy, which is 51% owned by Bintai Kinden.




Under the agreement, which is valid for three years, Bintai Energy will collaborate and work together with Raintech to promote business opportunities and provide the necessary technical and competitive price support on the products to be represented by Raintech.

“The collaboration with PT Raintech Indo Energi opens up vast opportunities for us as Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s largest economy with a GDP of US$1.19 trillion as of 20211 and a population of 270 million."Its O&G industry is an important contributor to the economy and a key growth driver,” said Bintai Kinden executive director Azri Azerai.

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    DATA due from China this week include industrial production, retail sales and fixed asset investment and medium-term lending facility.我感觉融为一体了